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RAHA1 WEB DESIGNIf you have ever been asked this question these are a couple reasons;
1- You handed someone a business card with no web address
2- You are talking about your service and do not have any business cards with you

Either way your answer will have some impact on the decision of the person you are speaking with and potentially $$$$. 

In 1997 most people had never even heard of the internet. It was just starting to grow roots that have now grown deep into our daily activity. Fast forward into 2017, now if you have not heard of the internet short of living in a cave (which I believe some still do) you are seriously out of touch with the lifestyle of millions of people. People that are doing business online everyday selling, investing, inventing, researching, buying and constantly reviewing information.

RAHA1 Web Designs helps business owners create a face on the web, Face the Web. The challenge with putting a face on the web normally comes in the grooming. Think of your site as Architecture that has a beginning and an end. The difference is with the constant evolution of the web, constant updates changes and modifications are necessary to stay relevant. But the first step is getting online.

We can help get that process started.