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A Heart Of A Deal


Contractual Agreement

This agreement is made between



New Sites Only $199.99

Design and Development:
-Professionally crafted 1-page website, colors limited to website business builder plus plan. Page limited to 6 sections with graphics and font. Up to 10 stock graphics included based on business profile. Graphics limited to website business builder plus plan. Fonts limited to website business builder plus plan
-User-friendly contact form designed for seamless communication. Contact form linked to clients existing email.
-Two week turnaround based on client information submission

Content Assistance;
-Expert guidance on structuring your basic content. Assistance provided to help client develop content for page. Client must have information about business.

 Online Presence Essentials: (must create an account, credit card required.)
-Domain Name* for the first year. Must be renewed annually to maintain.
-Hosting* one month included. Monthly subscription required at $15.99 plus tax.
Must use Website Business Builder Plus
Package includes:

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Website hosting
  • Rapid Page-Load performance
  • Create a blog
  • Security (SSL)
  • 24/7 support
  • PayPal Buy Now or Donate button
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Share content to Facebook
  • Online Appointments

Customer access and education:
-Links to training resources for hands-on learning.
-Client owns domain name and hosting.
-Consulting services provided for SEO optimization during design.


(A) Web Content – We do not create any content for client sites.
a. Content created using AI must be approved by client via email before use on site.

Page information must be supplied by the client through email. We accept all forms of text editor formats, Word, PDF, Notepad etc. Texting website content is discouraged.

Graphics/Photo’s provided by client must be web property of client.

Graphic creation/adjusting and altering is billed hourly $85.00/hr during new designs. Cropping and resizing existing photos is not billed.

The client represents to RAHA1 that all materials furnished for web design or updates are the property of the client. The client will be solely responsible for any legal claims that arise from the use of copyrighted material. RAHA1 will not use stamped, logo bearing or music material unless the client provides written evidence of consent to use from original owner.

Stock graphics are included with site design as specified.

(A) Assignment

RAHA1 reserves the right to re-assign this project for timely completion.

(A) Page Copyright

The client will allow RAHA1 the use of their website content to display periodically on the home site portfolio area of RAHA1.COM. The client will allow RAHA1 to place a link on the client home page to advertise the home site.

(A) Changes

RAHA1 will modify and change any content on existing page during the first 30 calendar days after completion. These changes are limited to existing content and sections. Training can be provided at our current rate.

(A) Guarantee

RAHA1 guarantees all work we perform will adhere to the rules and standards of web design. All pages will be set to index properly on major search engines. All sites hosted on our servers will be maintained annually. All pages, links, graphics, animations, audio and site uptime is governed by the Hosting company selected. RAHA1 does not guarantee site up time for client selected servers.

(A) Refund Cancellation Policy

The client will receive a design refund up to 3 business days after contract signing and payment. Design fees are non-refundable after 3 business days. Domain and Hosting fees can be cancelled within 3 business days by client for a full refund.

(A) Payment Policy – One month hosting and one year domain name fee are both due. Credit card required.
We require a deposit before design service equal to 1/2 of the design fee. The balance is due before site goes live.

(A) Timeline

Two-week turnaround based on client information submission into the website interview form.

Client review and responses are necessary for project timeline.

Payment Terms

Domain name registration
$16.99 plus tax.

Website Builder Business Plus
$15.99/ plus tax (client has option to pay full year at checkout)

Design fee
$165.55 / we required 50% ($82.78) of design fee before work begins with balnce due prior to site going live.

Additional pages can be purchased at $110.00/per page

Total project fees


After signature you will be redirected to purchase hosting and your domain name.

Once domain and hosting are purchased you will receive a link to our website interview page. Complete as much information as possbile to help us plan for your design.