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Contractual Agreement

This agreement is made between



RAHA1 agrees to:

For the specific purpose of updates on website located at Client currently has a site developed using Wix. 

This is our standard contract. All sections may not be applicable for this update service and will be noted as (A) for applicable and (NA) for non-applicable. We will develop based on the information proposed in this section. Additional add-on requests will be charged separately at our hourly design rate. $65/hr 

Perform updates as outlined below based on our meeting on 10/24/2023 for specific purpose to: 

  1. Design Phase – Reconstruct website content for better branding approach to attract target market and generate leads. Client requires site to be setup for potential customers (clients needing service).
  2. Increase site traffic to gain clients through the website utilizing search engines.
    Your current site has been online based on data for at least 2 to 3 years and should not be moved or replaced. This would cause you to lose the current placement in the search engines. We highly recommend updating the site from its current location. In this update we will review and address each page on the site. Up to 3 additional pages will be added where necessary at the client request during design. This does not include landing pages we plan to use in section 3.a.

1. Design Phase – Review and reconstruct pages by updating and adding content that is searchable and transparent about services provided. 

  • Build up home, services, resources and GBS staff pages with consistent graphics and fonts throughout website. All pages would be included for consistency.
  • Address one-line sentences currently on site to build out informative content. Content must be provided by client with our direction. We would provide/suggest topics to be included.
  • Check and connect all links throughout website.
  • Adjust color scheme for consistency throughout site.
  • Keep site responsive on mobile platforms throughout.
  • Make site interactive with capture forms and action items to encourage viewers to leave contant
    information that will generate leads.

2. Using Wix business program or higher, review site placement with Google search platform to make adjustments that will improve placement and searchability. (Client must have Wix business program or greater). 

a. Utilize Wix Backoffice programs with Google to improve search engine performance. Use keyword structure with new and existing content. 

b. Within our 90 plan, make necessary adjustments to back office area in website. It takes 90 days to see real improvement for search engine placement. 

3. We monitor and adjust content over a 90-day period to improve search engine results. This data is shared with the client monthly to see results during 90-day period.

a. This process will require building out at minimum 3 landing pages to improve results and generate leads for your service. 


Contract terms of agreement

All areas are not applicable for website updates designated as ( A= applicable/ NA= not applicable)

  • Web Content – We do not create any content for client sites. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in some areas with Client consent.

Page information must be supplied by the client through email. We accept all forms of text editor formats, Word, PDF, Notepad etc. Texting web content is discouraged.

Stock graphics are included with site design.

Graphics/Photo’s provided by client must be web property of client.

Graphic creation/adjusting and altering is billed hourly $85.00/hr during new designs. Cropping and resizing existing photos is not billed.

The client represents to RAHA1 that all materials furnished for web design or updates are the property of the client. The client will be solely responsible for any legal claims that arise from the use of copyrighted material.
RAHA1 will not use stamped, logo bearing or music material unless the client provides written evidence of consent to use from original owner.

We will link your site to any social media areas you currently have. Social media linking to existing pages is provided. Client must provide username and passwords.

Video spots will require a YouTube account or a video hosting area. We will link to existing video channels during web development. Client must provide username and passwords.

(A) Assignment
RAHA1 reserves the right to re-assign this project for timely completion.

(A) Timeline
RAHA1 and the client must work together to complete this project. Our target completion date will be set at contract signing. Client must supply RAHA1 complete text and graphic content for this project. All quotes are good for 30 days.

(NA) Page Copyright
The client will allow RAHA1 the use of their website content to display periodically on the home site portfolio area of RAHA1.COM. The client will allow RAHA1 to place a link on the client home page to advertise the home site.

(NA) Changes
RAHA1 will modify and change any content on existing client’s site 90 days free after site completion at the client’s request. These changes are limited to existing content and pages. Training is offered at client’s request up to 90 days after site goes live.

(A) Guarantee
RAHA1 guarantees all work we perform will adhere to the rules and standards of web design. All pages will be set to index properly on major search engines. All sites hosted on our servers will be maintained annually. All pages, links, graphics, animations, audio and site uptime is governed by the Hosting company selected. RAHA1 does not guarantee site up time for client selected servers.

(A) Refund Cancellation Policy
The client will receive a refund up to 3 business days after contract signing. All cancellations must be in written format. Domain name fees are non-refundable. Web hosting fees are pro-rated with a two-month minimum. Our hourly rate is $65.00/hr. Design/Update fees are non-refundable.

(A) Payment Policy – Hosting and Domain fees are due in full at contract signing.
We require a deposit before design/update service equal to 1/2 of the total fee. The balance for update work is due upon completion. The final payment for new site design is due after the site is upload to the server. Passwords for new designs are provided after final payment is made.

Contract terms of agreement

We will require collaborator access to your Wix account. Client can setup RAHA1 as a collaborator within the account and not share the main password.

This contract allows RAHA1 the ability to access Client’s account for purposes outlined in this contract. Any additions, modifications, alterations will result in a timing extension and increased cost based on our hourly rate.


Our base timeline for this design/update work is 30 days from contact signing  and account access, plus additional 60 days for search engine work. The first 30 days are the design phase. Final payment is due at design phase completion. This timing is contingent on Client review within 72 hours of notification.

RAHA1 will create login identity for Client Wix account after contract is in place. 

We accept and understand the conditions outlined in the proposal/contract of agreement. We further understand final payment constitutes our acceptance of the web service outlined in this contract.

Client review and responses are necessary for project timeline.


(A) Authorization for changes

The client must designate primary user(s) to be responsible for sending and reviewing content to RAHA1 for changes during update or design phase. These users will have full access to the site and site change decisions. No more than two individuals can send updates changes. These individuals’ email must be included in the contract.

This individual will be the primary contact for this project work. Primary is responsible for project communication with RAHA1.
Optional – This individual will be the secondary contact for this project work.



Payment Terms

Total project fees


Payment schedule

50% down with balance due at design phase completion.

Price: $300.00
After submission you will be redirected to a payment page.