Our Web Update service is standard text, graphic additions and hyperlink corrections or connections. We crop and resize graphics as part of the standard update.

Updates are posted within a 48 hour period after receipt excluding days listed in fee schedue. Fees are based per hour with a one hour minimum. 

Clients are responsible for providing update material and specific location for content. Location for content must be explained in detail when material is delivered. 

New clients must provide username and password for site access. We charge a $75 one time processing fee for new clients which includes a one hour update. Login information must be verified. Web counsel is provided for online marketing at our hourly rate.


  • Update and Consulting* services carry a one-hour minimum.
  • Updates post within 36 to 48 hours of delivery.
  • Audio and Video updates are billed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Graphics /Photo’s must be *web ready and supplied by the client. Graphics will be cropped and inserted where needed.

Fee Schedule

$75 New Clients initial setup

$50/hr Consulting 

$50/hr Updates 

$65 Monthly Retainer (service based on client need)

Update services are billed online after completion.

We do not accept verbal update request.

We do not provide updates on Sunday or government recognized holidays.

We accept online credit card payments through PayPal®.

All content must to be supplied via email. Plans are available for video linking and YouTube channel creation. Updates do not include site re-structure or new pages.

*Consulting service is can be provided online or through phone support. For new design this service will equip clients with site maintenance information to make changes and updates. Client must have some web experience and the ability to use online desktop sharing features.