RAHA1 Web Designs

We do not have a one price fits plan all because everyones needs are different. We do our best to work with each clients personal business budget  and provide a professional web presence.

Our web design fees range between $1200 to $5000 based on the level of development required. 

Before any quote is offered we require the completion of our website interview form. To get a copy complete our contact form. 

RAHA1 collage

Working with each client we develop LAYOUT and structure based on the nature of your site and business creating a professional image. Creating a seamless layout helps clients navigate directly to what they need.

Providing a solid MESSAGE helps inform your audience about the service you provide. Every site has a message that should be clear and prominently stated for the viewer. No hidden agenda with a lure and switch tactic. What is your site about and how will it benefit the viewer.

GROWTH to expand is a key element for your site now and forward looking for expansion. You need to have a six month and a two year plan for your site. Monitor and manage what works and adjust to receive the full benefit. This is not a yellow page ad you place and forget about.

PLACEMENT and marketing provide you with tools needed to effectively achieve your online goals. A place for everything and everything in its place. Content needs to be organized at fingertip positioning for fast access. Tracking hits, traffic times and page views are very important statics. We can help bring your site information to you.