Video Ministry

Starting Your Video Ministry

Online Video Ministry

How do you get started – what do you need?

Personnel – Dedicated individuals that believe in what they are doing Motivated people working towards a common goal!

Organization is a part of success. You need to a structure in place for success. This will avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

What will we record, who will record, when will it be recorded.

Who will post it , will it be raw or edited.

Equipment camera

With the technology we have today in Smart phones, Androids, iPhones and other devises this should not be an obstacle. Use what you have until you get what you need.

Location to keep your video

YouTube is my location of choice. They provide the space and resources to grow and reach a larger audience.

Facebook is an excellent resource to capture and save videos. Plus it offers a connection to users already connected to your page. 

Get started streaming with your webcam. This video will give you all the tips to start streaming today. Pay attention to the number of subscribers needed to go live from a web cam on your phone. Your laptop cam will give you instant online access.

Have Fun and be creative……….DO NOT CONFORM


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